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Custom printed stickers are a popular and effective way to advertise your brand or business branding as they help you to amplify your business opportunities. They are handy so can be pasted anywhere, anytime, and on almost anything. Being versatile, they can be given as presents, or used as stationery items, on interior décor labels, laptops, and more. Stickers are available in a variety of dimensions, shapes like circle, square, or rectangle, and finishes like Glossy, UV Coated, no UV, Foil, and custom bumper stickers. With our bespoke sticker services and a wide range of choices, you can get as creative as you want.

Type of stickers popularly used in branding/advertising-

Die cut stickers are the ones that are cut directly through the vinyl and paper backing to fit the shape of your design accurately. They look quite appealing even before they are applied.

Kiss cut stickers are only cut through the vinyl and the paper backing stays intact. Sticker can be printed on the vinyl around a kiss cut sticker to make your design more stylish. Kiss cut stickers are suitable for fragile designs as the backup guards your sticker during transit.

Vinyl stickers are made from PVC, a hardwearing plastic and are ideal for surfaces such as laptop screens, water bottles, or car windows. Just make sure to check placement properly before you stick them down, as they can be difficult to remove.

Car door magnets are ideal when you promotional signage is temporary, portable or reusable. For example, car magnet stickers can be conveniently applied on different vehicles. However, if a vehicle is being used for commercial purpose only, then you need more influential and professional looking graphics on printed stickers.

Fridge magnet stickers are recommended for hospitality businesses as they serve as direct reminders or offer contact details for people who need it. You may also order customised magnet stickers for weddings or other special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, food delivery services, diet or nutrition content, magnet photo frames, emergency contact numbers, sports schedules and calendar magnets among others.

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