Do not underestimate the power of Outdoor Signs!

<span>OutdoorDisplays</span><h1>Do not underestimate the power of Outdoor Signs!</h1>

Once you are out on the roads, you cannot help but stare at the shiny texts, attractive banners, striking signboards or eye catching; well that is the power of effective outdoor marketing. First impressions can make or break your brand image; hence, outdoor signage is one of the best traditional and versatile advertising tools.

Why opt for Outdoor Signage?

  • Outdoor signs help customers locate your business easily.
  • Help to grab attention from and convey message to onlookers instantly.
  • Offer great exposure, as your brand/business remains visible 24/7.
  • Serves as perfect complement to your digital and online advertising
  • Fosters integrity and professionalism

You can choose from any of the available types of outdoor signage as per your display requirements:

Events banners and flags

For an outdoor event, banners and flags come handy in guiding and sharing your brand with your visitors. You can select from a range of reasonable fabric, vinyl, and mesh flags and banners, which are low maintenance. They not only make your brand stand apart at the venue but will also flow with the wind adding a fun element to your promotion. Hanging banners are a budget-friendly choice for indoor and outdoor spaces as they offer many benefits like promoting new products, boosting sales, sharing news about special events, guide footfall in hallways and exhibit best-selling products.

Sidewalk signs, wall graphics, and window graphics

You can make the most of spaces such as sidewalks, walls, and doors in a creative way by using graphics. The graphics are mostly made with fabric which makes them reusable and hence an economical choice. They are even convenient to apply and remove and can be used to design interesting messages for visitors who will be present at your outdoor event.


Another popular, functional, and cost effective option is gazebos or tents that will facilitate make your business operations. Gazebos help to manage footfall and offer shelter from the external elements thus improving the event experience. Moreover, tents help to create the image of a storefront that offers benefits to sellers. You can easily customise tents with your brand specific logos, colours, and more.

Cafe barriers

Cafe barriers are usually put up to distinguish seating or smoking areas outside hospitality locations or may even be set up to form queue systems. Café banners are popularly seen in spaces outside eateries such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars. They can also be put up as crowd or queue supervision systems for clubs, pubs, etc.


Illuminated signs in the form of Lightboxes are being widely used as an eye-catching medium to draw attention to your business or brand. These are quite handy because they are convenient to assemble, use and offer quick logo or brand updates. LED Backlit Signs, also known as ‘halo-lit’ lettering, offer visibility both during day and at night. 

With these signs, you can add light effects to any business logo and make it pop. LED Backlit signs are an attractive way to give your business’ lobby an aesthetic appeal.  

Outdoor signage can help pull crowds, attract more customers, and boost your business growth. Outdoor signage acts like a window to your business and is an investment that will yield you profitable results.

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