Why packaging is the soul of your product?

<span style="color:#62535d;">Packaging</span><h1 style="color:#62535d;">Why packaging is the soul of your product?</h1>

First impression is the last impression and product packaging plays an important role in creating a new customer base. It is a medium to establish an intimate connection with the recipient, hence it is a crucial element, which is a part of your product branding, marketing. Because of the following reasons, custom packaging can be considered as the soul of a product:-

1. Reinforces brand identity

Packaging design forms a part of a brand's marketing plan. Hence, adding your brand specific logo and content like colors, fonts, etc to your packaging design helps to make your brand presence felt in the market. The colours and material used for the packaging leaves a lasting impression. Ideally, packaging should be informative without sacrificing its visual appeal. Your packaging design communicates the values of your brand, which is a significant factor in attracting new and retaining old customers.

2. To grab attention 

Packaging acts like a magnet in attracting a customer’s eye to buy a product that is relevant especially in retail settings, where items must stand out amongst the many others nearby. Unique or designer packaging designs give a competitive edge to you brand especially on social media in the form of unboxing videos, product hauls, stories, tweets etc. Thus, packaging design done right can garner free publicity, a wider client base, and more sales.

3. Offers versatility

Along with visual appeal, your product packaging needs to be functional as well. You cannot compromise on the functionality of your packaging for more fancy designs that may not prevent your products from being damaged in outlets or during shipment, or being too complicated to use by consumers.

In terms of versatility, your product packaging must be resilient, shock-absorbent, tamper-proof, yet user-friendly. To make your products more durable and increase their shelf life, you can add various elements to your product packaging such as including void fillers or bespoke box insertions, using corrugated cardboard, applying adhesive strips, and many more.

4. Convey your purpose 

Along with enhancing brand image and providing creativity, your product packaging must convey relevant information authentically such as the idea behind or use of the product, why it is a value for money item, or worth spending money on.

At Digitalpress, we offer bespoke printing services custom-sized packaging, personalized inserts to suit your product demands. You can also avail our in-house graphic design services to design your unique artwork to display your products that will eventually boost the growth of your brand. After all good things come in small packages and, when it comes to packaging, less is always more.

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